We guarantee Jalisco as a friendly film destination in Mexico

Production Management Summary from 2014 to 2019


Financial Aid via Support Grant

Location Management

Film Permits

Information and Counseling

Liaison with Service Providers and Governmental Institutions

Directory of Industry Professionals

we have the location

How do I apply for a location permit?

Send an email to:
info@filmaenjalisco.com with your
project information,head of production, or its dossier.

We will respond with a form
where you must specify how
requests the spaces to occupy, so
as the requirements (closing of
streets, drone flight, etc.))

We turn the trades to the authorities

Magic Towns

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Rural Setting

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Urban Landscape

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Parks and Gardens

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Historical and Religious

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Agave Landscape

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Culture and Entertainment

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Companies and Businesses

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We look for #TalentInJalisco to build strategic partnerships to improve
and grow the local film industry. ​





Club Guadalajara 124, Auditorio, 4518
Zapopan, Jalisco
Teléfono: 33 9690 9660 ext. 701 y 702

Servicio de lunes a viernes, de 9 am a 5 pm

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